Organic soap for sensitive skin

Formulated with you in Mind


No parabens, no sulphates, no toxic ingredients.


Choose a soap based on your skin type. There is one for everybody!

Quality Ingredients

Our soap crafter is very picky about what goes into the soap. We source our ingredients from reputable sources

Great for sensitive skin

Gentle formula that is suitable for eczema skin.


Enjoy a luxurious experience with natural scents such as lavender, honeysuckle, chamomile.

No more dry skin

Typical soap contains chemicals that dry out your skin and damage your skin barrier. Start reversing the damage now!



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Sweet Dreams Lavender Soap (Best-selling)



Our signature product. Enjoy a relaxing bath experience with Hokkaido Lavender and nourishing blend of coconut oil & shea butter.

Forumulated without 17 harmful ingredients including parabens, sulphate, silicons.

Our Story

In the past,  I had very sensitive skin and the products in the market often make my skin dry and itch. After much frustration, I started to look for recipes on how to make my own soap. 

Since then, I started refining the recipes and that’s how The Soap Farm came about

Our goals

We hope that people with sensitive can benefit from our products which are free of allergens and harmful toxins.