Pet Boarding – The Ultimate Guide

Pet boarding anxiety

If you have never left your dog for pet boarding or for an extended period of time before and you might be a little anxious. How do you choose a dog boarder? How much pet boarding cost? Here is all you need to do to prepare your furbabe for a comfortable, stress-free dog boarding experience.

How to prepare your dog for pet boarding?

  • Find the right dog kennel or dog boarder
  • Well vaccinated
  • Is the pet boarding fees reasonable?
  • Visit the pet boarding facility
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Find the Right Dog Boarder or Kennel

Choosing the suitable pet boarder can be as simple as asking your friends or colleagues for a recommendation but an important consideration to keep in mind, is your your dog’s personality as well. If your furbabe is dog-reactive, they might not thrive in a an open sharing concept but on the other hand, dogs that need a lot of exercise and interaction will probably thrive in an open sharing concept! Also, consider in-home boarding if your dog is on the extreme of dog-reactive or does not enjoy socializing.

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Well Vaccinated

It is absolutely crucial that you make sure your dog is healthy before you board them and get your furbabe well vaccinated at the veterinary. Your furbabe must be up to date on all of their vaccines before they sending them to the dog boarder because they will be spending so much time with other dogs. Diseases can spread rapidly through dog boarding facilities if all the dogs aren’t vaccinated. Required vaccines, called “core” vaccines are recommended, although if you are boarding your pet, we also recommend “non-core” vaccines since they protect your pet even more from other illnesses.

In addition to a clean bill of health, your dog must be spayed or neutered. Taking care of puppies is a hefty responsibility and finding homes for all those tiny pups isn’t easy and we don’t want to add to the already large population of homeless pets.

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Visit the Pet Boarding Facility

Before you leave your furbabe at dog boarding, take a tour of the facility. Ask these questions:

  • Is it clean?
  • Is there enough space for the dogs to roam around?
  • Are there toys for the dogs to play with?
  • Is there always available water for the dogs to drink?
  • Are employees closely watching over the dogs during playtime?
  • Are those employees spending time interacting with the dogs?

If the dog boarding facility has an open sharing concept with dog daycare, your dog should go for a trial day. This is to evaluate if your dog is good with other dogs and will behave in a social setting. At most dog boarding facility, this trial is free. Provided the trial session goes well, you will be allowed to board your dog at the facility.

Is the pet boarding fees reasonable?

Typically the average cost to board your furbabe is around S$40/- per night. You may spend between S$30 to S$85 per night depending on the various factors such as type of services or is it a open sharing concept etc. Some luxury pet hotel can charge up to S$85/- per night.

What are included in the pet boarding or pet sitting services? Usually it covers only the stay and maybe treats. however bathing and grooming services are not including. In addition, daily meals are also not included.

Pack a Bag

Lastly, you must pack a bag for your dog. This will contain everything they will need for the duration of their time in dog boarding:

  • Medical records since most facilities ask for proof of vaccinations.
  • Breakfast and dinner for each day measured into baggies.
  • Your dog should be wearing a leash, collar and ID tag.
  • Any medications that your dog is on in a pill organizer.
  • Your dog’s favorite treats.
  • Furbabe’s favorite blanket bed to remind them of home.
  • Your dog’s favorite toy.


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