Our history

Golden Swan
Soya Sauce

Founded in 1959, the soya sauce production began as a passion project by Ken’s grandfather who had moved from China to Singapore in his 40s. 

Golden Swan soya sauces are traditionally hand-made using good quality whole soya beans and fermented in earthen vats under the sun for months. They are made in Nanyang Sauce Factory, Singapore.

Our soya sauces have been used by famous street hawkers and families for generations.

We aspire to continue the legacy of traditional soya sauce making in Singapore, anchored by the belief of using the best ingredients to provide great quality and value to our customers.

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Nanyang Soya Vats

Taste Better

Traditional hand-made Soya Sauce

Distinct authentic Umami flavour

Whole Soya Beans

from Canada are used to make our soya sauces

Soya Beans contain all amino acids

soya beans are low in fat and contains no cholesterol.
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with wheat flour and aspergillus mold spores

Under the sun

in earthen vats for up to six months.
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Natural Umami

with mild sweetness and depth of flavour

be home for meals

food do taste better with our soya sauces. Taste the difference.
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is added.

Authentic taste

of traditional soya sauces.
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