“Hi! This is Jane, and this is David… and together we are… you get the drift.” =).

It goes without saying. We love food. Love eating them, love making them.

Once again, we are bona-fide food-lovers. Each week, we set out to hunt for the best Singaporean food, paying special attention to our ‘Uniquely Singapore’ hawker stalls serving up some of their most famous and iconic concoctions.

The Best of Singapore Food Culture

Week 45, 2020

This week, we’re digging deeper to unravel the special techniques and ingredients used. Ain’t you all curious? Let’s seek out and learn from the masters the finer points of bringing Singapore’s traditional flavours to glorious life.

Vivre, le Singapore food culture!

Gordon Ramsay to cook with food waste at pop-up restaurant in London -  TODAYonline
Remember this guy? Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay doing his stint as a Hawker?

“…if you want the real food
in Singapore get yourself to
a hawker stall…”

Gordon Ramsay – Celeb Brit Food Emperor

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