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Pleasing to the delicate palate of experts, every bottle of Nanyang Sauce is hand-brewed and bottled to ensure the freshness and standards are met. Each drop of sauce is made from the best 100% non-GMO soya beans naturally brewed under the sun for nine months to create a thick, dark goodness with a rich aroma that is distinctly Nanyang. 


Taste a distintive tradition

Soya Beans are low in fat and contains no cholesterol. They however have soy protein which contains all essential amino acids.  They are an excellent source of fiber and lowers the risk of coronary heart disease. Containing anti-oxidants, soya beans have been scientifically proven to be anti-carcinogenic properties. 

Some mass produced soya sauces in the supermarket are not made from naturally fermented soya beans but instead made via chemical hydrolysis. With Nanyang sauce, we welcome you to taste our difference with a distinct, authentic Umami flavor.

Discover the difference

Non-GMO Soya Beans
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We are the oldest sauce brewery using 100% artisan way which takes 9 months to brew a bottle of soya sauce. Our sauces can be bought from our sauce boutique, NTUC finest or our website.



Our sauce is brewed to a secret family recipe and has the best Umami Taste. We currently enjoy the highest ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook and many news and social media.



We use ONLY 100% natural soya beans consisting of Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO) soya beans from Canada.

Non GMO soya beans

Classic sauce for chinese cusine

  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG), additives and preservatives free
  • Dedicated to make sauce with pure, non-GMO beans and unadulterated ingredients and still retain its integrity (best umami taste).

What customers say...

"For vegetable dishes, the sweet-and-sour eggplant was a winner. When braised, the unassuming vegetable becomes a sponge that soaks in the rich, sticky sauce made from housemade hot bean paste, honey, vinegar, and Nanyang Soya Sauce."
Lifestyle Asia
"The stir-fried mee sua is divine too - light, fragrant and further seasoned with a special secret Nanyang Sauce made locally."

Yellow Pot Restaurant

What makes a delicious dish? A good chef, fresh ingredients and a secret sauce!
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