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Founder & OWNER


Hi everyone, I am One Tenth of the founding team.  The founding team has been tied with Green initiatives to activate, and as the months progress, you will be able to see them featured on this website. 

Beginning of the year 2021 and I wish you all the very best in your goals for the year.  There are quite a number of people that have been to the house, we hope you continuously enjoy the dietary plans, products and are for sustainable and eco-friendly improvements that we can make.  

Meet Our Talented Stylists

The Team

We hope to bring sustainable lifestyle for the family. 

"Naomi" - Haircare & skincare

Naomi specialises in Haircare and Skincare using natural and organic products.   Look out for the Naomi range of products .

SENIOR stylist
"Rafael" - haircare & skincare, mixology & products

Rafael specialises in Haircare and Skincare using natural and organic products.   Look out for the Rafael range of products.

In some of the evenings, he is our resident mixologist working, and using sustainable and eco-friendly products and ingredients sourced from vendors. And concocts exciting and soothing drinks.  Creating these drink recipes is his expertise and of course, styling your hair with “green and eco-friendly” products! 

"Florence" - food ingredients

Our Chef in the House takes care of the various programmes, and using sustainable, natural and some organic products for the food.

"chelsea" - skincare NatuRAl, eco-friendly lifestyle clothing & products

Chelsea will make you top to toe beautiful using natural and sustainable products and that are safe to use. 

healing therapy Salon Manager
"jenna" - coach guide

Need help on healing and beauty that is for your outer to inner beauty to give the radiance boost & glow consistently, book an appointment with us and our coaches will be at hand to assist.

"Adrienne" - diet plans & action!

Using only sustainable products, we will guide you through for your dietary requirements

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Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Have changed my dressing to using organic, natural clothing material.

Ishita Malhotra

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

Recycling programme in place.

Kylo James

Fitness Instructor

The place for relaxation and restore me back to when I was in my 40s!

Ella Perez

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

Top to Toe wellness using organic, natural and sustainable products.

Elsie Ross

Software Developer

Sustainable lifestyle & beauty

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