Adding extra +Balance

Healthier Alternatives
Painful Compromise No More

Who says we can’t have it all?
Have fun, and stay wholesomely balanced too.

For General Well-Being/ Weight-Loss

Ain't no time to change my fun.
Snacks make me smile, and my carbs-staples keep me rooted to my childhood.

Boy am I glad to have these healthier alternatives to balance up!

For Kids

"Oh, all the many tastes to explore
- I want this, that, and that, please!"

Sure, darlings.
Play on, and have these munchies instead.

For SilverHairs

C'mon, been there, done that, and still having it my way.

Wouldn't mind it packed with wholesome goodness as a by-the-way!

Healthier Alternatives

Meal: Noodles + Rice

Snacks: Chips & Crackers

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