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Birds of Paradise is a socially conscious store, featuring skin and wellness products in a way to promote a greater awareness for sustainability, an appreciation for providence, and more accessible conscious living. We combine our efforts to save Mother Earth by collaborating with other eco friendly stores.

"the only product my skin needs"

- Chief Editor of Marie Claire

"I've been using Birds of Paradise products for over 10 years, and without a doubt the best in the industry. It make me feel beautiful, fabulous and confident everyday!"

Jennifer Anderson

"Most of my life, I didn't use any skin care items. My face has always been super sensitive and I'm always afraid of how my face would react to chemicals. The Glowing skin face wash has a nice soft creamy texture. The smell is pleasant too."

Helen Closs

"The scent is perfect! I'm totally addicted to the uplifting scent of Divine essential oil. It leaves me feeling fresh and aromatic."

Lilly Brown