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On the portable SSD lineup, Samsung’s new fingerprint T7 Touch comes with the latest technology for the best in class for speed and security. It is suitable for gamers, designers and people who love style and prestige.                                                    

Hewlett Packard EX950

Targeting gamers, audio/video editors and other performance users Hewlett Packard EX950 SSD comes with its PCIe x4 EX series of NVMe and sequential write rates of up to 2900 MB/s. 

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What is an SSD ?

An SSD (Solid-State Drive) uses mainly flash memory to store data with superior performance and durability. There are two main components in SSD, flash controller and NAND flash memory, which   Because there is no moving parts in SSD compare to Hard Disk Drive (HDD),  SSD gives a significant improvement in speed, power consumption and reliability. With the SSD technology advancing rapidly,  the cost for SSD has been dropping fast and closing the gap compare to HDD storage. SSD becomes the standard storage to replace HDD in computer and mobile devices.

How to choose an SSD ?

Any SSD is much better than a HDD, but choosing the right SSD can be significant in term of  performance, reliable and cost.  Some of the factors to consider are brand reputation, capacity, type of connector, type of memory and of course cost to performance. Samsung is the world’s No.1 flash memory supplier since 2003. As the leader in the market, Samsung offers the widest range of SSD products with the latest technology. Hewlett Packard SSD on the other hand offers a reliable SSD for the lifestyle and mass market. Century Global is the distributor for Samsung memory and storage, Hewlett Package SSD and iKawai / Vedino mobile devices in Indonesia.

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