The Little Rice Company is Singapore’s only rice grower bringing you fresh harvests from our fields to your dining tables through sustainable farming methods.


Not just any brown

Our high-grade proprietary brown rice is flavourful with a disinct barley-like fragrance and soft fluffy texture, without the huskiness of common unpolished rice. It embodies the wholesome goodness of brown rice with the texture of white rice, making it the true white rice replacement without compromising on taste.

Low GI

At GI 46 (certified and tested by the Glycemic Index Research Unit at Temasek Polytechnic), our brown rice is the lowest GI wholegrain available in Singapore, making it one of the best food options for regulating blood glucose levels.  

Nutrient Rich

With it’s nutrient-packed bran and germ intact, brown rice has 3X fibre and 2X iron than white rice, along with greater amounts of B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, selenium and phosphorous.

Preventive Wellness

Consuming a diet rich in wholegrains may lower the risk of chronic diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It can also help in weight management and improve blood cholesterol levels.

Feel Good

Low GI brown rice gets converted into sugar more slowly and releases energy steadily into the bloodstream, keeping you satiated longer. It also facilitates healthy bowel movement and improves metabolism, promoting weight loss.

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