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Goodness In Every Grain

We are Singapore’s only brown rice grower bringing you fresh harvests from our fields to your dining tables through sustainable farming methods.

An Aromatic Staple

Distinct barley-like fragrance with a pleasant nuttiness, even good enough to be eaten on its own

Plush Goodness

Take a bite of our proprietary brown rice, you will quickly realise how soft and fluffy the texture is without the huskiness of unpolished rice

Fast & Fuss-Free

Our brown rice requires minimal washing, no soaking, and cooks fast just like white rice in a rice cooker

Endless Possibilities

We have done up risotto, chicken rice, porridge, fried rice, meat don, kimbap and more. Our rice is highly versatile and adapts to your favourite dishes

Quality From Seed To Table

What our customers are saying...

My 12yrs old is a rice bucket. She doesn’t like bee hoon or kway tiao etc... just like rice. I’ve tried switching to other types of brown rice but she doesn’t seems to like the texture. The Little Rice Company ‘s Golden Brown Wholegrain Rice surprisingly has a soft fluffy texture, without the huskiness of the common unpolished rice! Today I use it to cook omelette rice for her and she finished all up... 👍🏻 👍🏻
Doreen Quek-Tan
Singapore Home Cooks Contributor
I enjoy cooks healthy at home for my family. The brown rice really give us soft and fluffy texture feeling. My son like it and enjoy it so much!
Mr Little Ong
Son on leave and request QQ rice for lunch, so here's my Korean Rice Ball inspired, using brown rice from The Little Rice Company and adding different ingredients for more wholesome goodness! They are whacked out in no time, simply yummilicious!😋
The brown rice has a soft fluffy texture of white rice, with a distinctive fragrance after taste. It is also low GI, so is suitable for diabetics.
Janice Looi
Singapore Home Cooks Contributor

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