The Little Rice Company is Singapore’s only rice grower thriving to bring you the goodness in every grain to your dining table from our sustainable field. Click the Icon below for more about us.

Little Brown Rice

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Being a sportswear model, I need to keep fit and slim. I prefer the Little Brown Rice because of its low GI and high fibre content.
Adam Sendler
Sportswear Model
I'm a vegetarian. The Little (brown) Rice is more nutritious. Moreover, upon signing up for its newsletters, in which I find a few good vegetarian recipes such as eggplant tempura, non-meat kimbap, mushroom claypot rice, Bibimbap (Mixed Spicy Veggies and Rice).... I will recommend it to my friends.
Mila Kunis
I bought 2x2kg of Little Brown Rice from Lazada for my low sugar diet. Tried out a recipe of claypot chicken rice using the Little Rice without disappointment. I love its aroma and nutty texture. Surely I will repeat order.
Mike Stuart

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