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MAVELLA SUPERFOODS – Essential Vitamins Immune Boost

Good nutrition for kids plays an important role in helping children and adolescents to achieve good health.

Read on to learn more about healthy foods for kids and teenagers.

Mavella Superfoods, made with real Australian superfoods, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, served to encourage better and healthier eating habits in our children, and to add a little extra nutrition along the way.

Perfect for fussy eaters! A way to get that extra nutrition into your kids daily diet. PLUS they taste YUMMY!

Mavella’s Superfood Product At A Glance:

• Made from real fruits and vegetables which are locally processed in
• 100% All Natural
• Free from artificial colours & flavours
• Free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners
• No hidden nasties
• Contains certified organic ingredients
• Egg free
• Formulated in conjunction with naturopaths
• Versatility in cooking
• Australian Made

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Features & Benefits

Mavella Superfoods is on a Nutrition Mission!

MAVELLA SUPERFOODS BODY BOOST - healthy, strong teeth and bones


  • Packed full of organic natural plant proteins, real fruit powders, vitamins and minerals to build healthy, strong teeth and bones.  

  • By incorporating it into a balanced diet, you can boost your child’s intake of the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.

  • 5 fruits plus added vitamins A, B’s, C, D3, Calcium, Iron.

  •  Tropical Taste.

Mavella Brain Boost Omega-3, prebiotics, vitamins and Calcium.


  • Contain Omega-3, such as flaxseed and chia.
  • It also contains a wonderful combination of two organic plant proteins that together create an all round amino acid profile important for growing kids.
  • Also included is the popular all natural and organic Peruvian superfood Cacao which gives a chocolate taste.
  • Australian made fruits Blueberry and Kale also known for their antioxidant benefits have been added.
  • Plus there’s prebiotics, vitamins and Calcium.
Mavella Immune Boost (9 Superberries)


  • Packed full of 9 Superberries known to be high in antioxidants
  • Added benefit of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and organic natural plant proteins
  • Give key nutrients that kids need to boost their immune system and help battle nasty germs
  • The perfect Immune Booster!
Mavella Veggie Boost packed with 8 Vegetables and 5 Superfoods


  • Packed with veggies (8 Vegetables and 5 Superfoods – Queensland grown Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Carrot, Cauliflower and Pumpkin. Supergreens – Barley and Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Chia) that growing kids need.
  • Designed as we struggled to get veggies into our kids.
  • We can sneak this in without them knowing.
  • The perfect Veggie Booster.
mavella gut boost - help little kids with regular bowel movements


  • Designed to help little kids with regular bowel movements and soothing gut goodness ingredients to make happy kids with happy tummies.
  • Overall taste creamy vanilla.
  • Kids love it!    
MAVELLA SUPERFOODS SAMPLE PACKS - essential vitamins and minerals


You can now try all of the Mavella Superfoods as a sample pack.


  • 1 x Mavella Superfoods Immune Boost
  • 1 x Mavella Superfoods Brain Boost
  • 1 x Mavella Superfoods Body Boost 
  • 1 x Mavella Superfoods Veggie Boost

Every parent has heard that children should be eating a “balanced diet.” 

Learn more about What Experts Feed Their Family, by Registered Dietitian Lara Field.

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