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Black Soy Milk, the power of goodness and sophistication

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Enjoy the goodness from Black Soy Milk

Made from 100% top grade non-GMO organic black soy beans, this low-fat and lactose-free beauty brings you tons of benefits you can imagine.

This is our responsibility to you, in making a healthy world and healthy you.


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The power of goodness and sophistication

Black Soy Milk with Rice

Black Soy Milk Powder is a premium dairy alternative  for your health’s needs. You can use it as a beverage on its own or use it in coffee or tea.

This lactose-free and low-fat beverage is carefully crafted from 100% Non-GMO organic Black Soy Bean without any preservatives. Black Soy Beans are known to contain health benefits and commonly used in Asia (eg. South Korea).

Black Soy Milk has since created a loyal group of followers from K-pop artistes to fitness trainers. Join in the movement and be part of the community too!