Healthy, Delicious Breakfast Drink in One Minute

You can make your own instant organic breakfast drink in less than a minute! Great for quick breakfast or snack in between meetings ...

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Goodness of Unisoy Soya Drinks

Soy Milk and Soy Beans in a Jar

100% Organic Non-GMO

Made from premium 100% top-grade,
non-GMO organic soya beans.


Cholesterol-free, low fat and low sugar with added calcium.



Highest Quality

Certified USDA Organic and Healthier Choice for the highest food quality standards.


Lactose-free for those who are lactose-intolerant or do not enjoy the taste of milk.


I love to drink Unisoy soya bean drinks whenever I need a quick snack ... it's the perfect cholesterol-free beverage I can have throughout my busy day.
Xia xue
beauty blogger (600k+ followers)
With my busy daily schedule, I usually don't have the time to have breakfast. With the Unisoy Soya Cereal Drink, I can still get a healthy, delicious and organic breakfast instantly!
naomi neo
fashion influencer (500k+ followers)
The Unisoy soya drinks taste pretty good compared to my regular favourite tao huay drink ... must try lah!
dr. leslie tay
food blogger (100k+ followers)
I was skeptical about instant drink products at first .. but after trying the Unisoy instant soya-bean beverages ... I was blown away by the Asian taste and smooth texture.
daniel ang
food blogger (200k+ followers)